About Us


Welcome to LaLa & Boo. My name is Tori. I am the owner & founder of LaLa & Boo Fun Scrub Tops. I wear Fun Scrub Tops on Fridays as a Clinical Nurse in a busy Perth Metro Emergency Department.  Wearing my Fun Scrub Top brings me a little silver lining to some pretty challenging times. I notice more of a buzz and friendly comradery on Fridays when my colleagues come to work looking dapper in their glam Fun Scrubs too. So I decided to gather all of my favourite scrub tops into a collection that other scrub wearing extraordinaires can look through and choose a piece they feel will give them a little extra lift to keep going and doing what they do best in healing others.

We know there is something about wearing a Fun Scrub Top that gives us that extra lift during a long shift.  Bringing some colour to the workplace lifts not only your own spirits and the spirits of  your colleagues but the patients benefit too. It makes us more human, approachable and relatable.  Everyone wins!

The ultimate mission of LaLa & Boo is to see Fun Scrub Tops worn by all with pride and happy smiles, encouraging positive mental health and expression of individuality simply by wearing Fun Scrub Tops.

So wear your Fun Scrub Top with pride, be kind to each other and thank you for bringing joy to others with your healing hands and beautiful smiles (and amazing Fun Scrub Tops).

Much Love, 

Tori @ LaLa & Boo